Twister SwirlValve™

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Improving Joule Thomson operations and separation performance

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September 20 2023

The Twister SwirlValve is a minimum shear valve that promotes droplet coalescence in two phase flow by means of a generated swirl flow. It is a cost effective alternative to a conventional control valve and is used to improve the performance of downstream separators by increasing the handling capacity, or improving the quality, of the outlet streams. It enables a rise of natural gas production and reduces bottlenecks found in existing overloaded two or three phase separators.


Increased production capacity
Increased NGL production (C6+)
Lower export gas dew points
Easy to retro-fit in existing piping arrangements
Debottlenecks existing overloaded separators
Less liquid carry-over/gas carry under
Reduced maximum valve capacity due to Swirl Trim (for the axial flow valves)


Areas of Application Joule Thomson expansion of gas flows. | Gas/Oil separation processes. | Oil/Water separation processes.
Compliance PED, API 6A-ISO 10423, API 6D-ISO 14313, ASME B16.34, DIN, NORSOK, GOST.
Capabilities Flow debottlenecking of separator trains. | Pressure drop reduction in JT-LTS processes. | Reduction in liquid carry-over/gas carry-under. | Increased liquid recovery, reduced chemical loss.
Control of Process Flow Minimizing droplet break-up and enhancing coalescence while controlling the flow or pressure.
Installation Installation may be completed within one day, with minimal disruption.
Simulation Tools The SwirlValve trim is optimized using CFD.

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Twister delivers safe, sustainable, economically efficient and high-yield separation gas processing solutions in the upstream and midstream oil & gas markets. With over 200,000 hours of commercial operation across different continents and with its technologies in operation for over 15 years, Twister is the natural destination for safe, sustainable and profitable gas separation and processing.

  • Significantly reduced facilities and weight reduction with associated cost savings.
  • Low operating costs compared to alternative technologies.
  • High availability and reliability.
  • Minimal operator intervention.
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