Experimental test facility for CCUS applications

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Cutting-edge CCUS test center in Esbjerg: Simulating real-Life operational conditions for data-driven decisions

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April 11 2024

Our CCUS test facility in Esbjerg, Denmark, specializes in conducting complex tests and experiments to accurately simulate real-life operational conditions for Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS). Our facility operates multiple flow loops and related processing equipment to closely simulate various CCUS processing conditions. Through these simulations, we generate datasets on flow behavior, corrosion rate, thermodynamic behavior, chemical reactions, gas composition, and energy consumption.

Our state-of-the-art facility comprises processing plants that closely replicate large-scale CCUS systems. We can simulate CO2 mixed with a wide range of bi-products, such as SO2, CO, H2, H2S, NO2, O2, H2O, and more, to accurately replicate CO2 from specific areas in the value chain. We can monitor/log, compress, temperate, scrub, and transfer CO2 to simulate different steps in the entire CO2 value chain, from capture to storage and beyond.

We take pride in offering a highly flexible test center, allowing adjustments to various parameters based on your specific requirements, including flow speed/mass flow, pressure, temperature, chemical composition, and dynamic/static conditions. We can accommodate specific test specimens in various shapes/sizes, such as steel, rock, or polymer materials. We can also accommodate complete components such as valves, sensors, filters, and more, ensuring tailored experiments.

Our comprehensive services provide end-to-end support throughout the testing process. Our expertise encompasses assisting in the design of tailored experiments, operating equipment to extract empirical data, and conducting in-depth analysis of the results. We recognize the importance of data-driven decisions and are dedicated to enabling CCUS development through our services.

Leverage our facility and expertise to confidently make informed decisions and advance your CCUS initiatives.


Pros & Limitations
Generate reliable data for verification purposes
Increasing safety related to CCUS applications
Tailor made simulations and experiments
Testing materials, procedures, components, bahaviour, compatibility under real-life conditions
Enables informed decision making related to safety and investments
This is not an "off the shelf solution", and will require a close collaboration between you and us.
Specification Title Specification Description
CCUS test center Esbjerg
Enabeling data driven decision making. Ensure that every decision made in the development or optimization process of any given CCUS application are happening based on emperical data sets.
Temperature range
-40 to 150 deg. C.
Pressure range
1-1000 bar
Customized gas quality
Mixing and testing with specific tailor-made gas compositions.
Test reactor


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