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The early warning solution for hazardous gas leaks

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February 22 2024

The scanfeld™ early warning solution combines a novel detection system with an intelligent software package to form world’s first remote monitoring solution that is completely automated. Hundreds of different chemicals are identified from kilometers distance by passive FTIR spectroscopy. Large areas such as production sites, storage or transportation areas are monitored with just a handful of sensor units. Gas leaks are quickly detected and the distribution of hazardous gas clouds is monitored and visualized in real-time.

Pros & Limitations
Covers large areas with a single sensor unit
Gives specific information about gas releases, such as substance and concentration
Fast response to gas release events
Operates day and night and also in poor visibility conditions
Can verify stationary sensors from a distance
Not applicable for hydrogen releases
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Hazardous gases (toxic, flammable) such as ammonia, ethylene oxide, methane.
Up to 4 km.
Detection Limit
4 ppm ammonia (10 m cloud, standard conditions).
Required connections are power and 100 Mbit LAN.
User Interface
Browser-based, device independent.


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Grandperspective is a young company rich in experience. Our know-how in the development and application of remote sensing systems has been developed over years of working with plant operators and first responders all over the world. scanfeld™ bundles this knowledge into an innovative solution for the remote monitoring of plants of any size.

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