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Visualization of fugitive emissions

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April 11 2024

Infrared cameras which enable the visualization of fugitive emissions from plant, pipework and machinery. Both hand held and fixed mount cameras are available which depending upon their specification can visualize either specific gases such as CO2 or a range such as hydrocarbons. The cameras can record an optical image of the item emitting the gas/vapour as well as the IR Video of the emission.

Pros & Limitations
Portable so can scan form any angle
Nearly 300 gases can be visualised with the hydrocarbon versions
Record both visual and IR image /and video of emission
Different lens options depending upon location to be viewed - lens available 6 degree 14.5 degree or 24 degree
Can be complimented by quantification capability, now integral with the new G series
Multi functional - dual use cameras, they can also be used for normal IR thermography
Very sensitive
Can’t detect if very high winds and very small leak
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
The main application area for this technology is hydrocarbon processing and storage facilities both on and offshore.
ATEX certified
The GFx320 is ATEX certified and ATEX housing can be provided for others.
The cameras enable operators to demonstrate that their processes and equipment are functioning correctly and if not highlight any areas of concern. They now form part of regular plant heath checks.
Such technology is validated by Environmental Agencies for demonstrating Emissions limits.
Condition based maintenance
Many operators use this technology as part of their condition monitoring practices, verifying if leaks & seeps are changing.
In-service inspection possible
The cameras can only visualise emissions when plant is operating.
As an inspection tool, the camera can not only visualize emissions but thermographers can also use it to check rotating machinery and electrical plant for hot spots.
The GF320 series cameras can be operated with the QL320 to enable quantification to be made of hydrocarbon emmissions.
The cameras are widely used for monitoring process plant for deterioration with technicians doing weekly walk rounds.
Checking for un expected emissions forms part of good practice in any safety regime and being able to visualise leaks from a distance aids maintaing safe work environments.


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Well established Remote visual inspection provider utilising many of the technologies used by medicine to look inside man-made void spaces. The is complimented by our in air and in water capabilities.

The company has worked with IR technology for over 30 years and is a FLIR Distributor and ITC approved Training provider.

Technicians are trained thermographers as well as Plant Inspectors with many years experience of working in hazardous locations.

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