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Smart Access Control System for Wind Turbines

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - 15:51

IntelliLock helps operators of decentral industrial infrastructure in rough environments, such as wind turbines, to control access to their assets in real time. Thereby, operators can raise the security level of their assets, fulfill their operator duties easily and gain speed and efficiency in their internal business processes.


Full transparency on who enters which asset at what time
Digital credentials instead of keys
Access permits can be limited to certain assets/time periods
Certificate monitoring (e.g. first aid)
Different access procedures for varying levels of operator control
Customizable security notifications
Components for industrial application in rough environments
Emergency/offline PINs
Not your average solution – not your average price


Compliance IntelliLock helps operators of wind turbines and other assets to comply with their duties as regards access control more easily.
Asset Management IntelliLock helps operators of industrial assets to manage them more efficiently.
Areas of Application Decentral industrial assets such as wind turbines.
Business Efficiency IntelliLock streamlines business processes with regard to access control.
OPEX IntelliLock reduces operating costs of asset owners by digitalizing and streamlining access control procedures.
Security IntelliLock raises the security level of decentral and remote assets via real time access monitoring and customizable security notifications.
People Tracking With IntelliLock, you know who enters which asset at what time.
Digitalisation IntelliLock makes the access control processes for remote industrial assets digital.

Relative Business Impact

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About IntelliLock

TIMM has been a trusted provider of industrial security technology for over 55 years. Traditionally, we focused on the petrochemical industry. In 2017, we entered the renewable sector by combining our know how about access control systems with the wind industry requirements.

We develop and manufacture our products in Reinbek but sell them worldwide. Our ISO 9001 certification is the foundation for highest technical quality.

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