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Advanced modular robotic platform

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April 11 2024

HUNTER is a modular remote access, magnetic adhesion crawler, designed for cost-effective inspection of large ferromagnetic structures such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, large diameter pipes and ship hulls. With a minimised need for rope access and scaffolding, reducing inspection time and potential risks associated with manual inspections.


Pros & Limitations
Deployed and controlled by a single operator effectively with ease
Quick configurations between corrosion mapping, B-scan and visual inspection
Multi-probe handling capability
Full technical support through-out the integrity management program
Smooth and precise movement over inspection surfaces guarantees optimal data collection
Data analysis achieved through Technology Design's TDScan software with internal reports generation, full cursor analysis and 8-bit data collection
The curvature of surface can be a limiting factor, as Hunter was designed with the inspection of large Above Ground Storage Tanks in mind
Specification Title Specification Description
HUNTERs smooth and precise movement over inspection surfaces and effective probe handling mechanism guarantees optimal data collection.
Areas of Application
Designed for inspection of storage tanks, pressure vessels, large diameter pipes and ship hulls.
Multi probe handling capabilities | Allowing for quick switch from Corrosion Mapping to Thickness Reading (B-Scan) and ToFD | Service life upgrades are also possible, with bespoke payload solutions.
Engineering rating/qualification
Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals with many years of experience.
Provides fast, proven and cost-effective inspection.
Full volumetric coverage for defect detection in welds, ship hulls, storage tanks and more | With a 50 m long Umbilical cable permitting deployment at high heights and steep depths
Full technical support will be provided for the robot through-out the integrity management program.
Non man entry
Designed for accessing hazardous environments.
People tracking
Tracking and monitoring capabilities from a remote location.
Fully encoded for precise location and repeatable inspections.


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Innovative Technology and Science Ltd. (InnoTecUK) is a dynamic and progressive company specializing in the development and commercialization of novel robotic solutions to overcome complex industrial challenges. Our extensive expertise, and industrial engagements allow us to develop high quality and high value technical Robotic and Automation solutions to address real world, market challenges in industries such as Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Offshore, Aerospace, Rail, among others. 

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