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Heat Recovery Systems

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For corrosive and fouling flue gas and exhaust air

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Friday, November 5, 2021 - 14:24

Up to 20% of all heat generated by the industry is lost via flue gas or exhaust air. Concerns around corrosion and fouling often prevent industrial companies to recover additional waste heat.

HeatMatrix Group developed heat exchangers with patented Polymer Technology, that enable heat recovery from corrosive and/or fouling flue and exhaust gases. The recovered heat can be used to warm up combustion air or water.


Additonal heat recovery from corrosive or fouling flue gas
Reduce CO2 emissions
Decrease fuel costs
Prevent Corrosion & Fouling problems
Payback time less than 5 years
The polymers have a maximum flue gas temperature they can handle. Above 250 degrees the polymer heat exchanger is installed in combination with a metal heat exchanger


Areas of Application Applicable in these industries; Oil Refining, Chemical, Beverages, Paper & Pulp, Ceramics & Bakeries.
Applicability Applicable on these thermal processes; Fired Heater, Oven, Kiln, Calciner, Steam Boiler, Thermal Oil Heater, Dryer, CHP, RTO & Incinerator.
Impact Reduce CO2 emissions, energy consumption & fuel costs.
Output Heat up combustion air, drying air, boiler feed water, make-up water, process water or CIP water.
Return on investment Less than 5 years.
Maintenance No maintenance required.

Relative Business Impact

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Development Technology demonstration Mature / Proven
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About HeatMatrix

For industrial companies it is complicated to determine which options they have to recover heat from their processes. Often corrosion and fouling problems make additional heat recovery from flue gas and exhaust air even more difficult.

HeatMatrix helps industrial companies to map their heat recovery options, engineer the most suitable heat recovery system and implement it in their process. All with one goal: making the reduction of CO2 emissions, energy consumption and operational costs as affordable and easy as possible.

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