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Marinecrete Mattresses ("Marine Matts")

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Carbon Neutral Plastic Free Subsea Protection

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March 14 2023

Marinecrete mattresses (Marine Matts) are pre-cast eco-friendly low/negative carbon footprint concrete structures that protect man made subsea assets whilst enhancing the marine environment due to their cavities, pH and surface texture. They are certified non-toxic to the marine environment, contain no Portland cement, zero plastics and are made with >95% recycled materials supporting the circular economy.   Standard Marine Matts measure 6mx3m, are 150mm, 300mm or 450mm deep and can be deployed using conventional lifting frames. They can be part of the energy transition to carbon net zero projects and support green recycle, repurpose, reuse strategies. Their use supports UN goal SDG-14 life below water and marine net gain (MNG) objectives by increasing biodiversity and species abundance.

Marine Matts are designed to become the defacto standard for protecting cables, pipelines and monopiles due to their massive carbon footprint saving, the potential life cycle cost saving (if approved to be left in situ) and nature inclusive design benefits.   They are recoverable so they can be moved and reused but designed with the potential to be approved by regulators to be left in situ forever due to their positive marine impact.  Every subsea and coastal defence project can now leave a positive marine legacy to help re-wild the oceans and provide hard substrate to regenerate ocean health. 


91% lower carbon footprint than conventional Portland cement as standard, can be made carbon neutral or even carbon negative
Non-toxic to marine environment - passed stringent EU leachate test standards
Zero plastics - contains no polypropylene rope or plastic reenforcement fibres in the mix
Made from 98% recycled materials - circular economy solution with verified secondary repurposing potential
Proven eco-system enhancement - nature inclusive design including lobster arches
Supports SDG-14 life below water and marine net gain objectives - corporate CSR win-win
Reduced life cycle costs if not recovered - BVG Report shows a 41% life cycle cost saving if permitted to remain in situ
Eliminates HSE risks if not recovered - recovery of conventional materials considered high risk due to mattress break-up & lifting
Deployment track record to date weak - first deployments scheduled Q1 2023
NSTA and other stakeholders yet to accept as suitable for long term deployment without recovery liability


Areas of Application Cable and pipeline protection, scour protection, habitat enhancement, anti-bottom trawling deterrent for MPAs.
Capabilities Global deployment strategy through licensing agreements. ARC Marine offer full reef planning, execution, monitoring and stewardship support
Compliance Nature inclusive design, formal marine concrete and lifting specification approvals pending.
Deployment Compatible with traditional concrete mattress deployment techniques
Environment Non-toxic to marine environment. carbon neutral/negative, zero plastics. Supports circular economy and SDG-14 life below water.
Lifespan Designed to be permanent (500 years+) but can be made with finite biodegradable materials for certain applications.
Material 98% recycled materials, zero plastics, 90% lower CO2 footprint than Portland cement. Densities, surface textures and colour all configurable.
Modular design Sizes: 6m x 3m as standard with deoths 150mm, 300mm and 450mm
Patents Protects both man made assets and the surrounding eco-systems. Does not suffer from leading edge flip over unlike traditional subsea mattresses. Stable and effective in shallow and deep water anti-scour service.

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About ARC Marine Ltd

ARC Marine is an award winning (2022 SPE Offshore Achievement Award for Emerging Technology, 2022 RWE Ecology Award) eco-engineering company specialising in low carbon footprint high impact marine materials for subsea cable/pipeline protection, scour protection, coastal defence, eco-friendly moorings and deliberate marine habitat enhancement.  Our patented product Reef Cubes® is made from Marinecrete® and creates sustainable eco-friendly marine habitats intended to benefit both people and the planet. Our expertise is in the design, manufacturing and deployment of Marinecrete, Marine Matts and Reef Cubes® and the monitoring and long-term custodianship of new ecosystems these help create. Further marine habitat enhancing products are under development.

Applications include coastal defence, offshore energy, eco-tourism, aquaculture, moorings, habitat enhancement and anti-bottom trawling deterrents in areas closed to such practises e.g. marine protected areas or around critical subsea infrastructure. Our products are non-toxic, contain no plastics and can be made locally using sustainably sourced aggregates and recycled materials, creating jobs in the communities impacted and minimising transportation carbon footprint.

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