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PETROSWEET HSW799 non-triazine H2S Scavenger

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Superior efficiency without the negative side effects of conventional treatment

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May 19 2023

The PETROSWEET HSW799 non-triazine H2S scavenger from Baker Hughes provides effective hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal in sour gas and oil treatment without the negative side effects that occur with conventional, triazine-based scavengers.
HSW799 scavenger is significantly less corrosive to mild steel than
triazine. PETROSWEET HSW799 scavenger contains no amine components that could potentially distill to the top of a distillation tower and it does not poison catalysts since the active components in the formulation contain only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The active ingredients contain no nitrogen or atypical elements. The PETROSWEET HSW799 scavenger is thermally stable from  -45°F (-43°C) to 200⁰F (93°C). The product has a pH of 7.2-8.3.


No triazine or amine: Not corrosive in refinery process
Does not produce insoluble deposits even if overspent: Avoids solid disposition, eliminating related non productive time, costs, and lost production
Neat and spent scavenger are pH neutral: Does not cause mineral scaling, even in disposal systems
Excellent performance in gas and sour oil applications. Keeps post treatment H2S concentrations in spec.
Maintains scavenging efficiency at various system temperatures. Works well in varying conditions
Scavenging efficiency is weakened in present of significant amount of water (+5%)


Applicability Tower, inline injection, railcar and tank treatment
Areas of Application Gas treatment in tower or direct injection | Conventional or unconventional sour gas wells | Wet and dry sour oil systems: Rail car application, oil transportation pipeline
Capabilities The best fit for HSW799 application is on gas treatment in towers and/or flow lines where triazine solids cause too much interruption by cleanouts
Compliance TSCA, DSL registered, but not REACH at the moment | Cannot currently be used in EU
Impact Less corrosive to mild steel than triazine or glyoxal based scavengers
Patents Patent pending
Versatility HSW799 does not require co-injection of a scale inhibitor, and it does not form intractable deposits

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About Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes is an international industrial service company and one of the world's largest oil field services companies.

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