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Downhole heating for viscous fluid wells to improve production and flow assurance

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April 11 2024

Cavitas has over 60 years combined experience in the energy industry with a strong track record of bringing innovative downhole technologies to market

Cavitas' Thermal Oil Recovery technology (THOR) is a reliable, cost-effective and low carbon, mechanically powered heater providing 100% targeted heat downhole:

THOR is suitable for deployment in injection and production wells, using thermodynamics to enhance production while limiting the build-up of waxes and scales. THOR heats fluids downhole as opposed to traditional topside methods where large energy losses occur. This greatly improves the energy balance.

Cavitas is a Net Zero company, minimising carbon in Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery while creating value in viscous and marginal fields

Pros & Limitations
Achieve Thermal EOR in previously discounted wells
Increase production rates
Mitigate waxes and asphaltenes
Increase recoverable reserves
Unlocks remote heavy oil
Reduce frictional losses
Improve artificial lift efficiency
Reduce carbon footprint via green energy options.
Suitable for casings of 5.25” or larger
Currently not field proven
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Applications in both injection and production wells
Asset life extension
THOR has been modelled to show that if utilized on greenfield heavy oil developments it can increase the productive life of the field by 9 or more years.
THOR is less sensitive to water quality than some other forms of thermal EOR technology leading to the use of less chemicals and therefore environmental improvement.
IP Protection
Cavitas has UK and International PCT patents for THOR pending.
The first step in any THOR project would be to work collaboratively to produce a reservoir EOR model.
Thermal conductivity
THOR has a much higher energy density than comparable solutions. Generally in the 30-50kW per meter range.
Return on investment
Our planned pilots show an ROI in the region of 30 - 50 days.


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Cavitas Energy is an enhanced oil recovery specialist supporting the international oil and gas service industry

Investing heavily in targeted research and development to deliver innovative solutions and technology to the global market.

Cavitas is part of the Valor Energy group of companies. Valor, a group of Oil and Gas companies collaborating to achieve exceptional standards of production, performance, and assurance with a mantra of thinking differently and solving collectively.


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