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Equipment set for remotely-controlled removal of oil sludge

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April 11 2024

Nowadays, most crude oil storage tanks or other hydrocarbon tanks are cleaned using several so-called “NON MAN ENTRY” systems, where using extensive manual labor for final cleaning is still necessary.
Our unique ESOT system is simple and effective, it has been proven reliable and safe, and provides a rapid return on investment.
With the ESOT system now available to service-provider companies within the oil and gas industry, there is now an opportunity to supply SAFE solution to clients, SAFETY FIRST”.

Rover ADEX was the first ATEX Zone 0 certified vehicle available in Europe. Our ESOT consists of a remotely operated ADEX rover (approved for ATEX Zone 0) and a TVC cabin (certified for ATEX Zone 2). The rover is powered and operated from the TVC cabin..ESOT is proven technology, first deployed in the year 2016 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Pros & Limitations
Dramatically cut your sludge removal cost
Reduce total workforce (only three operators per one shift)
Increase operational efficiency and minimize shutdown time (by 30%-40%)
Meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations
Navigate easily through obstructed and hard-to-reach areas
Save workforce and improve safety through automation
Fast and straightforward deployment of ESOT cleaning system and the start of sludge removal from tank
ESOT minimal use of manual labor in oil tanks, with a reduction close to 95 %-100% in comparison to conventional manual cleaning and sludge suction
System reduce high risk for staff of contamination and exposure to carcinogenic substances
Four cameras for ATEX ZONE 0 for control robot inside tank
Initial investment is needed. Return of Investment is after cleaning of 3-4 oil tanks, ~2 years, also for small companies
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Robotic system for oil sludge removal and tank cleaning in ATEX ZONE 0 environment.
ATEX certified
Robot ADEX for ATEX zone 0 | TVC cabin for ATEX zone 2
Easy remote control of robotic rover in tanks with help of 4 TV cameras, also certified ATEX ZONE 0. Cabin enables 8-12 hour shift for operators, heating or cooling hydraulic oil in power pack. Easy and safe movement of rover on slip floor in oil tanks.
Containerized footprint
All in one. Whole system in one 20“ container.
Non man entry
Man entry reduced manual work in oil tanks for 95%-100% in comparison with manual cleaning.
Patent pending for some basic solutions in our technology.
Safe operating
Proven technology in during cleaning of over 40 oil and product tanks. Single remote control of robotic rover, automatic modes available. Elimination of human errors.
ESOT system eliminates explosion risk, strongly reduces healthy risk like injury on slip surfaces and work of people in carcinogenic environment.


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KOKS Group is a group of companies with about 300 employees. The head office is still in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. There is also an office in Barneveld,  The Netherlands focussing on sewage treatment, and a production facility (structural work) in the Czech Republic and branches in Saudi Arabia and the USA. The high-quality standards adopted by KOKS Group globally are important in supplies and services. Design, production, assembly and spray works of the (mobile) cleaning equipment are carried out according to a strict regime. This applies to the product lines as well as to after-sales and the maintenance of the valuable equipment.

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