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Tough, high resilience aircrafts

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April 11 2024

The Vulcan D Series are currently available in two variants, the D7 and D8, with payload capacity up to 15 Kg and 25 Kgs respectively. These are tough, high resilience aircraft with high payload capacity yet retaining high levels of manoeuvrability and agility. They are able to handle harsh environments and operational conditions, include a number of configuration options and can be easily folded for transport. The unusual frame design gives great flexibility in mounting of payload and sensors and is ideal for applications such as delivery, slung loads, or carrying sensors that need to be separated from the aircraft like magnetometers.

With the D Series flexibility is the key. Like all our aircraft specification is not fixed and is routinely tailored and adapted to optimise for the particular application, but with the D Series this extends to fundamental change in the aircraft configuration. This aircraft can be built in ‘I’ format, with the core running fore and aft through the aircraft, but it can also be built in ‘H’ format where the ‘front’ of the aircraft is turned 90 degrees giving clearance between the props and a clear view for close quarter operations such as spray cleaning.

Pros & Limitations
Extremely tough durable design
Redundancy throughout
Weather resistant
High resilience in harsh conditions
Folding for transport
Fully autonomous operation
Very heavy lift capable
Flexible specification
Tailored builds to match exacting or project-specific needs
Requires additional information to match required specifications
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Oil & Gas | Energy | Pipelines | Storage Tanks | Etc..
up to 15kg for D7 | up to 25kg for D8
Super bright RGB LED navigation lights, water resistant enclosure, side-mounted batteries, forward facing FPV camera in a single axis gimbal (if required), quick-release landing gear, and a dual cam lever toolless folding mechanism for the airframe
Length ~ 1400mm | Width ~ 1150mm
Max distance from pilot = Subject to RC controller/data link/ legal requirements | Max range = Subject to flight speed and weather conditions
No payload >30 mins | 10kg payload ~ 22 mins | 20kg payload ~ 14 mins | 25kg payload ~ 10 mins (For D8*)
Max speed 50mph
Operating temperature 0–35˚C
Dry weight = ~ 14 (D7) / 16 (D8) kg (subject to spec)


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With over 18 years of development experience covering a wide variety of VTOL multi-rotor aircraft, we now offer some of the toughest and most durable industrial multi-rotor UAV solutions in the world. Our products range from ‘off the shelf’ airframes and related products to complete aircraft systems, with most of our work involving the design and production of custom and fully bespoke solutions. Unlike other companies we do not produce fixed products and offer them to market in the hope they are suitable, but instead specify and optimise systems to most suit the specific application and requirements of the customer. With our in house design and manufacturing capability, we are uniquely able to offer a full design, prototyping and production service for those with a specific requirement. If you need an ‘outside the box’ solution, we’re the company to talk to.

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