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Digital underwater survey technology

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August 4 2023

AOS cover all three high risk environments – working at height, confined spaces and underwater (down to 300m) using the latest in remote access technology (Aerial drones, crawlers and Underwater Drones). Our drones deliver high quality digital surveys for our growing customer base.  As shown by our track record,  we are specialists in Terminal surveys and believe our USP is - no human goes into danger.  Our focus on technology has allowed us to integrate Stills, Video, NDT (PEC & UT), Sonar, GPS  & Cathodic Protection onto micro-work ROVs weighing less than 20 kg.  We are globally deployable with our teams demonstrating their skills all over world, typically on site in less than 36 hours from mobilisation. The results are impressive, particularly in our ability to deliver seabed surveys, infrastructure surveys and 3-D mapping.  


Provide 360 application
Cloud-based storage
Cover land, air and sea assets
6 Depth of Field (DOF) Manoeuvrability
Up-to-date point of reference
AI imaging
Typically on site in less than 36 hours from mobilisation
Stills, Video, NDT (PEC & UT), Sonar, GPS  & Cathodic Protection integrated onto micro-work ROVs weighing less than 20 kg
Max depth 300m


Areas of Application Storage Terminals | Tankers | Cooling Towers | Stacks and even entire offshore platforms
Capabilities Laser scaler | Built in Aux. Connector for CP probe | Skid attachment and bracket for Lyft PEC probe
Depth 200 m depth rating.
Flexibility 8 T200 BR T200 vectored thrusters | 6 Depth of Field (DOF) manoeuvrability
Material Aluminum electronics housing.
Monitoring HD camera c/w tilt (wide angle) | HD close up zoom IP camera for tool operation | HD Rear facing IP camera | Surface control unit with HD monitor, with joysticks | Ping BR 360 scanning sonar
Power 150m fibre optic/ surface power tether with fiber underwater connector | Built in power supply & control for UW wire brush tool | Surface power unit with 2 x 750W subsea power modules
Required hardware HDPE frame with stainless steel hardware.
Safety Machined buoyancy blocks | Safety isolated input power | Circuit breaker | Line insulation monitor | Leak detector
Speed Max operating current 4 knots.

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AOS Offshore is your dedicated oilfield supply specialist and is established in 2012. AOS Offshore is a Singaporean registered company that provides competitively priced, quality products by direct global sourcing. The company was founded with focus on high quality, punctuality, transparency and trust. Next to this, they remain committed to client's initiatives aimed at reducing cost and improving up-time.

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