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Safe, industry leading systems for all of your tank cleaning requirements

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August 4 2023

Confined space entry work is dangerous and requires strict control. This can be eliminated by using remote cleaning tools and robotic solutions, from 3D water jetting tank cleaning heads to ATEX Zone 0 rated no man entry robotic sludge removal systems. AWE offers safe, industry leading systems for all of your tank cleaning requirements.


Fast, efficient and cost saving solution - no need for plant shutdown as cleaning can be undertaken online
Less permits to work are required
No manpower constraint issues – only 3 operators required rather than a team of up to 20 in manual operations
Compact footprints for confined space operation
3D water-jetting tank cleaning heads also available
Trained operators required – AWE have a team ready to mobilise with equipment


Areas of Application Crude oil/kerosene tank sludge removal/cleaning, hazardous chemical tank sludge removal/cleaning, pit & lagoon cleaning.
Non-man-entry Safe no-man-entry operation in explosion risk areas and confined spaces.
ATEX Certified ATEX Zone 0 robotic no-man-entry cleaning robots
Safe Operating Intrinsically safe
Power Hydraulically driven robots

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Asia Waterjet Equipment was formed out of a passion for solving problems in challenging environments whether they be hazardous areas, difficult to clean applications or difficult to pump product. Our vision is to bring the best technology available that improves safety and brings more productive solutions than conventional methods and blend it with our knowledge and support in the local markets we serve. We understand being close to the customer matters and we aim to be there when you need us.

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