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The preferred method for rehabilitation and repair of concrete constructions

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February 22 2024

A means to selectively remove concrete in a controlled manner, to a pre-set depth, without damaging the rebar & which cleans couplers & starter bars, producing no micro-cracks while removing low, pour quality concrete. Without the need for scaffolding, the wireless remotely operated robots can replace up to 5 handheld water jetting guns, 25 laborers with handheld jackhammers or 3 excavators with jackhammers.

Pros & Limitations
Efficient and productive solution for concrete removal
30% labour saving
Cleans and descales rebar in one pass
Practically eliminates silica dust exposure
Reduced vibration and excess noise over jackhammers
Trained operators required – AWE have a team ready to mobilise with equipment
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Rehabilitation and repair of concrete constructions.
Precision control of high pressure water jets ensure rebar stays intact and does not product micro cracks.
Safe Operating
Our automated robots and fixed hydro-demolition equipment are always operated from a safe distance using remote controls.
Certifications / licenses
Hydro-demolition & UHP waterjetting is recommended in European Standards SS EN 1504-10 2017 for repair, restoration and new construction works.


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Asia Waterjet Equipment was formed out of a passion for solving problems in challenging environments whether they be hazardous areas, difficult to clean applications or difficult to pump product. Our vision is to bring the best technology available that improves safety and brings more productive solutions than conventional methods and blend it with our knowledge and support in the local markets we serve. We understand being close to the customer matters and we aim to be there when you need us.

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