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SparkPredict ® Predictive Analytics

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Total asset protection and optimization

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May 11 2023

The SparkPredict ® predictive analytics product is revolutionizing maintenance by minimizing downtime and delivering millions of dollars in operating cost savings. It is a turnkey solution that analyzes sensor data and uses machine learning to return actionable insights, flagging suboptimal operations and identifying impending failures before they occur. The SparkPredict product helps industrial operations teams increase production, accelerate diagnostic workflows, and adapt to an ongoing asset change.


Minimize maintenance cost. Drive labor efficiencies during downtime with insights that inform repairs
Provides asset failure predictions with an average of nine days of advance notice
Potential improvement of production throughput and reduction of maintenance costs by 5-10% annually
Reduces risk exposure for workers by increasing the ability to identify production- impacting events by as much as 75%
Does not include some more conventional analytics approaches such as FMEA programmed in; those must be integrated separately


Asset Management Equip your operations with predictive AI analytics that protect assets and keep them online.
Machine Learning Retain the knowledge of your workforce with machine learning that codifies human expertise.
Accuracy Operate with confidence. Maintain predictive accuracy with automatic model retraining that improves models over time.
Certifications / licences GSA approval is a status used to describe organizations that have been approved to sell to the United States Government through the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).
Cloud platform The SparkPredict product has a flexible deployment model and can be hosted on- premises or on the cloud.

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