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Sensorise SmartScrew System

Continuous monitoring of dynamically loaded screws and bolts for predictive maintenance

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Friday, June 18, 2021 - 10:56

Sensorise SmartScrew System is a complete solution for the continuous monitoring of screws and bolts. SmartScrews are normed bolts that also function as a force measuring device for static and dynamic forces. Sensor data are analysed with predictive analytics tools for failure prognostic and actionable insights. Due to Sensorise´s patented sensor technology, the bolt retains its mechanical properties. It also allows for effortless retrofitting, identical to replacing an old bolt.


Continuous monitoring of static and dynamic forces
Unchanged bolt's mechanical properties
Retroffiting is the same as replacing any screw or bolt
Customized, online dashboard for data visualization
Data in the format you need
Identify load cycles, eigenfrequencies, load spectra, and bending moments
Data transmission can be wired or wireless, as well as digital or analog
Enables predictive maintenance of bolts and its attached structure
Only suitable for bolts of size M16 and larger


Installation Configure the amount and installation order in the flange to guide the crew on site. Connect your tool wirelessly to the SmartScrew System to support the exchange of installation parameters in both directions.
Temperature Temperature range from-40 to +85 Celsius.
Predictive Analytics We employ machine learning algorithms or physics-based models for failure prediction and process optimization
Visualization Dashboards and interactive visualisations of sensor readings enable a better understanding of the assets’ condition: time and frequency domain representation, order analysis and correlation plots.
Measurement Static forces, dynamic forces, and temperature.
Asset lifetime extension Knowledge about all acting loads in the past is the key to lifetime extension.
Areas of Application Any critical bolted connections such as in wind turbines, tunnel boring machines, cranes, bridges, platforms, robots, and many more.
Connectivity Input: Analogue, Digital, RTD, IO-Link | Output: Fieldbus, Cloud, Websockets, Local Storage | Both wired and wireless.
Compatibility Normed products and custom fastener designs available of size M16 and larger.
IP Protection IP67 standard and IP69k optional.

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About Sensorise

Sensorise specializes in directly measuring and evaluating all loads – static and dynamic – acting on your asset, all in real-time. And we make it simple: our sensor technology is integrated into standard machine components – the mechanical components you already know so well. Retrofitting can be as simple as replacing a single screw!

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