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Efficiently build accurate and manufacturer verified equipment and maintenance BoMs

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November 25 2022

Save money, reduce risk and unlock inventory management efficiencies.

OptiBoM™ is a comprehensive library of bill of materials (BoMs) data, offering direct access to the critical equipment data you need to order the correct spare parts.


No obligation FREE return on investment (ROI) calculator to understand the costs associated with missing BoMs
BoMs can be directly mapped into the clients CMMS where common equipment exists in the asset register and OptiBoM™, providing a cost-efficient solution to part sourcing
Our expert team of materials experts provides an efficient solution to BoM development, utilising our extensive relationships with manufactures, we take on the burden
BoM data is delivered in bespoke CMMS upload templates and successful implementation is verified by Add Energy’s CMMS Analysts
Provides insights on cost saving opportunities through identification of interchangeability options to optimise spares holding
Reduces equipment downtime by enabling users to quickly identify where all common spare parts are stored for the purposes of “cannibalising” parts for critical equipment
Minimize risk of purchasing parts at premium prices
To conduct direct mapping from OptiBoM, the client data must be of a high quality


Maintenance Assure you have immediate access to the spares you need for maintenance to commence without delay.
Asset Management Assure your BoM data, including make, model and manufacturer information is readily available to efficiently manage your asset and reduce downtime.
Cloud Platform A secure cloud based database that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
Database A database of over 2,000,000 spare part records and BoMs to download.
Documentation All documentation relating to the spare part is available and linked to the BoM.
Material Get the data you need about the materials you require to maintain your asset at the click of a button. Avoid wasting time searching for the correct spare part.
OPEX Reduce opex through quick access to spare part information required to order parts or obtain them for maintenance or breakdowns.

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About Add Energy

We are an international consultancy, service, and software provider to the energy industry. We are focused on delivering solutions to asset and maintenance managers who want to manage their asset in the most streamlined, logical, and cost-efficient way. 

Using our bespoke software in collaboration with our subject matter expert consultants, we provide advice and solutions to rationalize and prioritize maintenance investment based on risk and return on investment. 

This helps our clients to spend money in the right place and at the right time, ultimately enabling the asset to be more productive, reliable, and efficient.


+44 (0) 1224 645999
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