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Reduce time and improve accuracy in digitizing information

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February 22 2024

ePAV™ is a digital data collection app that allows companies to conduct a PAV, inventory audit or any field data collection and verification exercise with 4 times more accuracy and in half the time.

With standardised and pre-populated data points, the app eliminates human error, standardizes data from source and eliminates the requirement for post walk down data processing.

This provides clients with a cost effective and efficient solution to obtaining accurate data that is required for optimized asset, maintenance and materials management.

Pros & Limitations
Reduces the time and investment required to complete a verification, audit or data collection project
Significantly improves the accuracy of information gathered at site
Smart autofill and autocomplete technologies ensure data is kept standardized and consistent, assuring alignment with your data standards
Data captured in the field is auto populated into a customized CMMS/ERP load sheet, enabling the benefits of the project to be realized quicker
Eliminates the need for post-walkdown data entry and processing through digitalization from source, saving you time and money
Helps to ensure there are no gaps in data through mandatory field population settings, providing a complete and accurate database
Photos can be taken in the field and linked to the data field entries
The app is fully customizable, allowing users to collect and verify any type of data or information they want and need
Requires tablet to use on site, this is bought separately or can be provided by Add Energy
Specification Title Specification Description
Administration Time
Reduce time required to decrypt data captured on site through electronic data capture, auto population and constant QA/QC. Reducing requirement for post walkdown data processing.
Asset Management
Capture every data point you need to efficiently and effectively manage your asset.
Cloud Platform
Secure cloud based platform for data processing and storage. Data collected in the field is automatically uploaded to the cloud through wifi connection.
Digitize your asset information to create an accurate digital twin of your asset.
Conduct inspections and gather data in half the time.
Assure all of your equipment is accounted for and all key information is readily available to effectively maintain your equipment and manage the associated spare parts.
Validate asset existence and assure the CMMS is updated with any changes made on the physical plant.
Assure your database of equipment and key specifications is accurate and reliable.


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Add Energy, part of ABL Group, is an international consultancy, service, and software provider focused on delivering solutions to asset and maintenance managers who want to manage their assets in the most streamlined, logical, and cost-efficient way. 

Using our bespoke software in collaboration with our subject matter expert consultants, we provide advice and solutions to rationalize and prioritize maintenance investments based on risk and return on investment. 

This helps our clients to spend money in the right place and at the right time, ultimately enabling the asset to be more productive, reliable, and efficient.


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