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A faster, more efficient and effective way to manage, build and optimize CMMS data

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022 - 12:56

Developed by award-winning asset management software engineers, designed by maintenance, integrity, and materials management experts. Add Energy’s cutting-edge cloud-based software platform Effio™ adheres to a blockchain approach to managing the end-to-end process of a CMMS build. Using Effio’s functionalities to manage, build and optimize CMMS data can save up to 30% on time required to complete a CMMS build or optimization project, helping ensure a cost-effective, timely and quality solution for implementing a maintenance management regime.


Provides full control over master data and management of change
Integrated QA/QC: Assuring alignment with client data standards and assurance of master data consistency
Effective management of change: An auditable process for master data changes and approvals
Time efficiencies: Master data changes to be made at “equipment ID” level and cascaded efficiently
Transparency and accessibility: Work collaboratively, effectively and efficiently through secure and unique user log-ins provided for full transparency, review and approval of data
Minimize time investment: Efficient workshops with client stakeholders to be ran through built in work packs
Reduce project admin time: Automated build progress KPI’s and reporting built in as standard
Assure master data excellence: Post-build deployment to assure Data Management of Change (MoC) excellence and adherence to standards
Client users require a one hour training session to maximize usability


Maintenance Development of maintenance management regime.
Database Master CMMS or EAM data repository.
Cloud Platform Accessable and collaborative cloud based data management software.
Digitalisation Digitalisation of physical plant and spare parts.
Accuracy A controlled data management software assuring data accuracy and compliance with standards.
Repeatability Cascading of planned maintenance in an efficient and effective manner.

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About Add Energy - Effio

We are an international consultancy, service, and software provider to the energy industry. We are focused on delivering solutions to asset and maintenance managers who want to manage their asset in the most streamlined, logical, and cost-efficient way. 

Using our bespoke software in collaboration with our subject matter expert consultants, we provide advice and solutions to rationalize and prioritize maintenance investment based on risk and return on investment. 

This helps our clients to spend money in the right place and at the right time, ultimately enabling the asset to be more productive, reliable, and efficient.


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