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Intelligent maintenance analytics

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March 14 2023

Get the insights you need to optimize maintenance expenditure and asset performance

Aim-Hi™ is a cloud-based maintenance analytics and benchmarking tool that provides instantaneous intelligence around maintenance KPIs and the plant’s maintenance management regime, helping maintenance personnel to identify areas of underperformance and discover opportunities for optimization.


Identify and prioritize possible preventative maintenance improvement opportunities and focus efforts to help unlock the most ROI
Efficiently navigate through data to quickly understand why you have a problem
Rationalize your maintenance expenditure
Identify how your performance compares to assets within your fleet or against industry best practice
Facilitates the business case for maintenance and engineering changes
Support’s decision making around planning optimization
Automated visual dashboards and reporting, provide a time efficient solution for asset performance analysis
Instant processing of data, delivers results in a matter of seconds
Eliminate human error, that can skew outputs during data manipulation
Requires access to CMMS/ERP data


Certifications/licenses Offering licensing options so unlimited users can enjoy KPI and maintenance performance analysis at anytime, anywhere.
OPEX Reducing operational expenditure by having immideate awareness of risk and underperformance, so that corrective actions can be taken to reduce risk.
Maintenance Rationalize your preventative maintenance expenditure and focus your resources on areas that will unlock the most ROI.
Data Analysis Automated data analysis to identify opportunities for improvement. Results can also be exported to faciliate further analysis such as root cause analysis.
Insight Instant insights on your asset performance to help reduce exposure to risk by assuring the right maintenance, with the right instructions is carried out on the right equipment at the right time.
Optimization Enhance production through a more effective preventative maintenance management regime, designed to minimize equipment and plant downtime.

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About Add Energy

We are an international consultancy, service, and software provider to the energy industry. We are focused on delivering solutions to asset and maintenance managers who want to manage their asset in the most streamlined, logical, and cost-efficient way. 

Using our bespoke software in collaboration with our subject matter expert consultants, we provide advice and solutions to rationalize and prioritize maintenance investment based on risk and return on investment. 

This helps our clients to spend money in the right place and at the right time, ultimately enabling the asset to be more productive, reliable, and efficient.


+44 (0) 1224 645999
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