LFH-1000 Integrated Fluid Transfer Package

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High-volume transfer pump system for various types of fluids

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September 14 2023

Zone rated electric transfer pump capable of pumping up to 11,500 BBL/ Day at under 500psi operating pressure. The pump can handle up to 10mm solids. It has double jointed gear drive coupling, unique non-clogging self-alignment spring, an enclosed dynamically balanced impeller, dry running protection and maintenance free bearings. The Fluid Transfer Pump is designed to manage high temperatures and the expansion and contraction of the dynamic system.


Proven design in a new package
High flow rate of 11,500 BBL/Day
Designed, manufactured, built and tested inhouse
Several decades of experience behind the design
Fully ATEX Certified for use in hazardous area
Approved DNV lifting frame for safe transportation
Frame can be slightly over engineered for onshore operations
Requires an electrical supply to operate


Business Efficiency Higher flow rates than currently available.
Dimensions Designed to be self contained within frame with safety doors as required.
Areas of Application Well testing | Fluid transfer | Pumping decommissioning
ATEX Certified Fully ATEX certified.
Control Control of process flow.
Capabilities Capable of handling 10MM solid particles.

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LFH specialises in the design and manufacture of various types of pumps including Diesel cooling pumps and fluid transfer pumps.

Our pumps are used in various applications including ship propulsion, locomotive, power generation and nuclear applications across the world. Our pumps can be used for various fluids including seawater, brine and mud. We have several decades of experience in the design and manufacture of pumps.

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