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Perform filtering and advanced searches on the sequence of events.

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October 31 2023

Sequence of Events Explorer (SoEx) enables filtered data sets to be created through a powerful and intuitive query building interface. Find exactly the pertinent data from verbose alarm and event databases, saving complex queries for re-use or sending to colleagues.


Use SoEx's filter search to find exactly what you want, and save searches for future use
Multiple fields available to select from depending on your search requirements
Export search results to csv for use in spreadsheets
Set SoEx to show live updates of new events
Share a link to your search for others in your organisation to view
Mobile version currently has some visual issues which we are working on rectifying


Data Access Data remains on site, therefore eliminating any risk of data interception or loss in the cloud
Areas of Application Operators can view real time events from their assets whilst off site.
Integration SoEx can be set up to connect with Alarm Analysis
Intuitive user interface SoEx interface design has been focussed on simplicity

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Intelligent Plant's Industrial App Store is an online marketplace for industrial applications. Industrial Apps typically perform visualization and analysis functions on industrial process time-series data (e.g. pressures, temperatures, choke positions, tank levels, flow-rates, etc…) and/or Alarm & Event data (e.g. outputs from monitors on SCADA, DCS, and ESD systems).

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