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Diagnose and report your EEMUA 191/ISA-18.2/IEC 62682 statistics, help resolve issues with control system alarms.

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April 11 2024

Alarm Systems form an essential part of the Operator interface of large modern industrial facilities and their control systems. They provide vital support to the Operators by warning them of abnormal situations that need their attention.  

Alarm Analysis links to your control systems and provides an enterprise-wide set of KPIs and analysis compliant with EEMUA 191 Rev 3, and following ISA-18.2/IEC 62682 standards. Several sets of bad actor types are identified and detailed.  Tag analysis then allow individual bad actors to be quickly evaluated and their problems addressed. The single, consolidated, enterprise database will also store alert and event information from other corporate applications.

Pros & Limitations
Follows EEMUA 191 guidelines and ISA-18.2/IEC 62682 standards for alarm systems
Identify nuisance alarms (chattering, fleeting, stale, etc)
Suggest mitigation factors to reduce alarm counts
Alarm Analysis is a proven app that's been used by numerous operators
Continuously improving through regular updates
No install required, Alarm Analysis is browser based. Actual alarm database remains on-site.
Cannot export graphs and charts directly.
Specification Title Specification Description
Data Access
Data remains on site, therefore eliminating any risk of data interception or loss in the cloud
Areas of Application
Creating an alarm philosophy, benchmark alarm performance, alarm system auditing, resolve bad actors, alarm rationalisation, management of change, the control and maintenance of alarm system performance
Alarm Analysis follows the EEMUA 191 guidelines, and ISA-18.2/IEC 62682 Standards.
Connecting Data
Can connect to a wide range of sources

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Intelligent Plant's Industrial App Store is an online marketplace for industrial applications. Industrial Apps typically perform visualization and analysis functions on industrial process time-series data (e.g. pressures, temperatures, choke positions, tank levels, flow-rates, etc…) and/or Alarm & Event data (e.g. outputs from monitors on SCADA, DCS, and ESD systems).

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