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Understand how to best manage your controllers. Do they need tuning? Are they over-tuned? The answer is within.

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April 11 2024

Controller Consultant helps you understand how best to manage your controllers. Do your controllers require tuning? Are they over-tuned? Are they in manual (disabled)?

Controller Consultant can:

  • Find controllers automatically so you don't need that expensive configuration report
  • Automatically find controllers that are left in manual
  • Highlight over-tuned controller which may lead to excessive wear
Pros & Limitations
Controller Consultant searches for you controller data tags based on common industry names
Generates user friendly reports
Display controller KPIs
View reports in tablular or trend format
Save reports for weekly or monthly reviews, or set custom report dates
Choose which Controller KPIs you want to see
Seamless connectivity with Gestalt Trend for further analysis on individual controllers
Users cannot currently share reports with other users, though this is something we intend to implement
Specification Title Specification Description
Data Access
Data remains on site, therefore eliminating any risk of data interception or loss in the cloud
Areas of Application
Suitable for any industry where controllers are being utilised
User Interface
UI is user friendly and intuitive
Implementation time
Controller Consultant setup can be completed with ease


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