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Utilise real-time and historical industrial data in Microsoft Power BI

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April 11 2024

The Industrial Connector for Power BI is a Microsoft certified connector, distributed with Power BI update (03/2019)

"Intelligent Plant’s Industrial App Store Connector enables Microsoft’s powerful analytics and visualizations to be applied to real-time and historical process data. Seamlessly integrate plant and corporate data and share with any colleague on any device, enabling faster, better, real-time decision making. The Industrial App Store Power BI Connector connects to Intelligent Plant’s Industrial App Store, while all data remains securely and safely on-premises...". - Microsoft.

Pros & Limitations
Access to Microsoft Power BI's powerful visualisation tools
Industrial Connector is Microsoft Certified and easily accessible through Power BI software
Load data in a number of different functions (Min, Max, Average, Interpolated, etc)
Power BI is used globally and is regularly updated
Integrate business data with Industrial data
We don't provide support on the building of Power BI dashboards, only a way of connecting your data
You can't search and select on tags. You have to paste the tag names into the navigator window.
Specification Title Specification Description
Data Access
Data remains on site, therefore eliminating any risk of data interception or loss in the cloud
Areas of Application
Visualisation of process, alarm, and event data. Develop dashboards for your organisation with Microsoft tools.
Power BI Connector is Microsoft Certified
Share dashboards effortlessly with your team
With Power BI, dashboards can be published so that team members can access them with quick and easy.
Live dashboard updates
Power BI allows users to view dashboards that update to the current time.


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Intelligent Plant's Industrial App Store is an online marketplace for industrial applications. Industrial Apps typically perform visualization and analysis functions on industrial process time-series data (e.g. pressures, temperatures, choke positions, tank levels, flow-rates, etc…) and/or Alarm & Event data (e.g. outputs from monitors on SCADA, DCS, and ESD systems).

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