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Facit aggregates alarms and alerts into an intuitive dashboard to allow easy tracking, work flow management and automatic task auditing.

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October 31 2023

Facit amalgamates and groups alarms and alerts into an intuitive dashboard to allow for easy tacking, work flow management, and automatic task auditing. Facit can automatically detect operating envelope excursions and detects failing instrumentation.



Connectivity to other apps in the Industrial App Store
Facit provides access to script tags - data tags which can be calculated from other tags
Operators can keep up with each event, identifying its current stage and tasks associated with it i.e. Has an alarm been acknowledged? Who acknowledged it? How long has it been in alarm?
Users can view the history of each alarm
Perform detailed searches to find alarms of interest
Monitor script tags and view the values of associated tags
Alarm Analysis app license also required to use Facit


Data Access Data remains on site, therefore eliminating any risk of data interception or loss in the cloud
Areas of Application Auditing of alarms on an asset - Have information on the response performed by each event.
Regular updates Facit receives regular updates to include new features, improvements and fixes.
Integration with other apps Facit can be used in relation to a number of apps on the Indsutrial App Store
User Interface Facit's UI has been designed to be intuitive to new users

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Intelligent Plant's Industrial App Store is an online marketplace for industrial applications. Industrial Apps typically perform visualization and analysis functions on industrial process time-series data (e.g. pressures, temperatures, choke positions, tank levels, flow-rates, etc…) and/or Alarm & Event data (e.g. outputs from monitors on SCADA, DCS, and ESD systems).

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