Flange Integrity Management Toolbox

Reduce the risk of start-up losses due to flange leaks

“If you do it right, each flange is tight.”

Might sound strange, but it is true. Always.

Flange leaks result in start-up losses. To prevent this from happening, PDM has developed a complete improvement program: Flange Integrity Management (FIM). With this approach, we guarantee our customers that they do not suffer any start-up losses due to flange leaks.

Our FIM Toolbox contains all your organization needs before, during and after a turnaround. The FIM approach has proven itself in recent years. Based on these experiences we have created a new version of our FIM Toolbox, in which management and steering information is available even quicker.  Possible quality threats can be managed more efficiently by applying a special app for registering FIM inspections.

On the total budget of a turnaround the costs of applying FIM are minimal. Especially compared to the considerable savings potential that can be achieved (no start-up delays, substantially less re-work, no unplanned stops…). Based on the specifics of your organization and the planned maintenance efforts, we can discuss the FIM business case to see which potential FIM can achieve.


No start-up losses after a turnaround
More reliable assets
Proven approach
The full FIM Toolbox is available from July 2019


Areas of Application (Petro)chemical industry, pharma and civil engineering.
Certifications / licences PDM provides the necessary training for staff and contractors for FIM to be applied successfully. FIM trained personnel will receive a certificate.
Compliance NEN-EN 1591-4:2013 compliant
Content Training material | FIM Manual | FIM Quick Reference Book | FIM Inspection app | FIM Dashboard tool
Input List of flanges in scope | List of contractors and staff | Users for FIM Inspection app | Dashboard access
Output Reviewed and updated flange information | Inspection results | Dashboard with all quality data for managing contractors | No start-up losses
Return on Investment Typically, one day of start-up loss is more expensive than applying FIM during a stop.
Time on tools As a result of applying FIM, a higher Hands on Tool Time (HoTT) is achieved.

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