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Scenario based qualitative risk-management technique

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November 16 2023

BowTie is a scenario based qualitative risk-management technique to analyse, visualise and improve the operational situation of an installation or during an activity with regard to safe practices.

BowTie visualises a systematic overview of the different risks, corresponding barriers, preventive and mitigating measures. It uses available data, procedures, descriptions and systems, making a clear overview of multiple plausible scenarios.

Versatec can help you with structured, realistic, reliable and usable BowTies, ensuring that all Safety and Environmental Critical Elements (SECEs) are properly addressed.

However, for companies to be really proactive in risk management Versatec can support them by implementing Dynamic Barrier Management to monitor health of the barriers and status of the risk in real time. Amongst other by using Viewport on top of the BowTies.


Structure knowledge
Quick Analysis & Assessment
Easy to read & communicate
User-friendly diagrams
Easy to visualize barrier metadata (Filters & display profiles)
Linking management systems
Easy Reporting
Requires the use of specialist software
Requires support of a facilitator


Applicability Various industries, including Oil & Gas, Chemical, Aviation, Nuclear, Life sciences and Food
Business Efficiency Visualises the different risks and corresponding barriers in one picture, making risk communication very efficient
Compliance Identify which safety and environmental measures should be considered as critical
Environment Useful to carry out environmental risk assessments
Monitoring Maintain the diagram so it will always represent the current status of the safety barriers
Reporting Allows reports to be run in your own customised templates
Safety Tool in process safety audits, to assure that risks are being managed effectively
Software Range of software products are available depending on the specific client needs
Training Courses targeted at the operational aspects of (safety) barrier management

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Versatec Risk Consultants provide independent technical compliance by delivering consulting services in the fields of Risk Management, Operational Excellence and Innovative Solutions to support clients in efficient operations and preventing incidents. Versatec is an implementation partner for Viewport developed by Radial SG.

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