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Fastener for outfitting with no hot works

C-Claw™ offers a quick, heavy duty, reliable and durable fastening solution for all offshore structural maintenance & modification operations: cable trays, pipe supports, skids, handrails, stairs, ladders and more. It allows to guarantee the integrity of primary structure and fasten outfitting and equipment in ATEX environments with no impact on production and no paint touch-up. 
It is particularly adapted for FPSO, FSO, FLNG and offshore platforms.

C-Claw™ is also a technological brick for leak containment on hull plating or weldment.


Permanent structural fastening
Requires no hot work
Extreme durability
Guarantee the integrity of primary structure
Requires no paint touch-up
Low Person On Board
No Heat-Affected Zone, limited Stress Concentration Factors
Very little structural footprint
Limited fire resistance


Areas of Application Outfitting, tertiary steel, Pipe supports, small skids, handrails, ladders, stairs, cable trays and more.
Capacity 1 tonne rating tension & shear.
Impact To repair a pipe support on top of a crude oil tank, our C-Claw allows to save 21 mandays.
Implementation time 15-30 minutes
Lifespan >15 years
Safety C-Claw requires no hot works which improves safety for people on board.
Temperature Up to 100°C

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About Cold Pad

Cold Pad is a young innovative company specialized in offshore maintenance. We provide permanent repair and fastening solutions for hull & deck through cold work techniques. We have developed two main solutions specially designed for offshore environments like FPSO. Cold Pad optimized its cold work techniques for extreme marine conditions where hot works generate a string of constraints, shutdowns and risks. Our solutions offer permanent structural repairs that change the game of reinforcement, repair and fastening challenges.