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On-line biofilm monitoring system

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November 16 2023

The biofilm system - Biosafe - is the best early warning system for biofilm buidup. This real time monitoring enables operators to identify biofilm on surfaces, to track the effectiveness of biocides and other water treatments for microbiological control, and to closely control those treatments so that the cleanliness of system surfaces is maintained.


Early warning for biofilm activity in cooling water systems
Improving plant operation reliability
Data output directly to the ‘operating system’
Direct feedback to system operator
Reveals the presence of a biofilm buildup before biofilm-associated risk arise
Requires installation of prob to existing water system


Areas of Application Fresh water | Brackish water | Sea water
Automation Automatic alarm generation by ineffective water treatment.
Cost Prevent costly shutdowns caused by microbial influenced corrosion or high counts of legionella bacteria.
Implementation time Easy to install and operate | Low maintenance
Insight Real time insight in the efficacy of biofilm mitigation procedures.

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H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. provides proven techniques based on a combination of innovative technologies with a scientifically proven background and practical experience. Providing you with effective biofouling control procedures resulting in economic and environmental benefits.

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