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Time of Flight Diffraction - weld inspection

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November 8 2023

Defects in welds compromise the integrity and stability of offshore assets. 

TOFD is an advanced non-destructive ultrasonic inspection method, which provides accurate sizing of defects quickly and reliably. 

It was originally developed as a method to provide accurate monitoring and sizing of through-wall height of in-service discontinuities in the nuclear industry. TOFD allows for a incredible accurate data collection and measuring the critical through-wall size of weld defects. 

TOFD normally goes hand in hand with the usage of other non-destructive testing solutions such as Phased Array.


No shutdown is required
Quick inspection method
Accurate sizing of defects
All results are immediately available
Sensibility to all flaw types of welds (cracks, slag, etc.)


Ultrasonic waves Utilizes ultrasonic waves to detect faults.
Exact measurement of time Relies on the exact measurement of time taken for ultrasonic waves to travel from the emiting probe to the diffracted waves received by probe.
Time of flight Measuring this 'time of flight' gives and accurate size and location of the flaw.
Applications Topside, Subsea and Welded Structures

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