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NDT Inspection - Capturing incredibly detailed 3D data with continuous 360 degree scanning in confined underwater spaces.

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April 11 2024

Introducing our revolutionary Laser Inspection technology – the ultimate solution for capturing detailed 3D 360-degree models for integral and external inspections. With our cutting-edge system, we have successfully deployed this advanced technology on various critical components, including Caissons, J-Tubes, Risers, Conductors, Monopiles and Jacket legs over several industries. Prepare to witness a paradigm shift in inspection methodologies with our state-of-the-art Laser Inspection system.

Imagine a comprehensive inspection process that combines accuracy, efficiency, and unparalleled detail. Our Laser Inspection technology captures precise 3D models, providing a comprehensive visual representation of your assets. Long gone are the days of relying solely on manual inspections or outdated imaging techniques. With our technology, you'll gain unprecedented insights into the structural integrity of your assets, identifying potential issues before they become critical problems.

Do not settle for outdated inspection techniques that limit your understanding of asset health. Embrace the future of inspection with our Laser Inspection technology. Our experienced team will work closely with you, tailoring the solution to your specific needs and offering comprehensive support throughout the process.

Experience the transformative power of Laser Inspection today, contact us to schedule a demonstration and witness first hand how our technology can revolutionise your inspection workflows. Stay ahead of the curve, elevate your asset management practices, and ensure the longevity of your critical components with our state-of-the-art Laser Inspection technology.

Why choose our Laser Inspection technology? Let's delve into its remarkable specifications below.

Pros & Limitations
Underwater laser scanner captures submerged measurements with sub-millimetre precision
Reduces time and cost, improving business efficiency
360 degree 3D detailed information of your assets
Allows for a real time integrity assessment
Specification Title Specification Description
Cost efficient
Traditionally onshore analysis and software for underwater laser scanner has been extremely expensive, this technology makes it affordable to our users.
Business/ Time Efficiency
Inspection times are drastically reduced as opposed to traditional methods and reduces extensive labour and multiple site visits.
Underwater scanning is achieved by compensating for the challenges of refraction, turbulence and suspended particulates found in the aquatic environment.
Unrivaled Precision
Our system employs advanced laser scanning techniques to capture intricate details of your assets. From internal to external surfaces, every nook and cranny is meticulously recorded, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed. Say goodbye to superficial inspections.
360-Degree Coverage
With our Laser Inspection, you'll receive a comprehensive view of your assets from every angle. Our system captures 360-degree models, allowing you to analyse the entirety of your components. No more blind spots or hidden defects!
Data-Driven Insights
Our Laser Inspection system not only captures detailed 3D models but also provides you with valuable data insights, analyse the collected data to identify trends, patterns and areas for improvement. Make informed decisions based on factual information.
Early Detection of Issues
Detecting potential issues before they escalate is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your assets, our Laser Inspection enables early detection of defects, cracks, corrosion or any abnormalities that may compromise your components' function.
Enhanced Safety
Ensuring the safety of your personnel and assets is paramount. By utilising our Laser system, you reduce the need for intrusive, potentially hazardous inspection methods. Minimising risks of accidents and maintain a safe working environment.


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