OilPaq Water Treatment System

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Field proven ceramic membranes for treating produced water

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February 22 2024

Produced Water and Fracking Flowback water, treated to re-injection levels in one solution. The APATEQ OilPaq treatment system replaces multi-stage phase-based separation in one skid-mounted solution. A combination of gravity-based, UF Ceramic membranes and solids removal technologies are integrated into one package, to achieve flexible, robust, and high-efficiency treatment. With years of proven field experience, the OilPaq is proven to deliver discharge and reinjection specifications, across a wide range of wastewater types, with robust reliable self-cleaning capabilities.

Pros & Limitations
Low cost of operation compared to Cross Flow Tubular Membranes, the OilPaq does not need recirculation pumps. Estimated $0.07-0.15 per bblw OPEX costs
Replace multi-stage gravity based separation, cyclones and flotation arrangements, into one treatment process
Reliable membrane operation with stable flux management
The OilPaq can achieve Inlet concentrations of 1000ppm to <1ppm in one system
Years of field proven experience with ceramic membranes in service for 6 years
In-house Automation Expertise enables real time condition monitoring, system alarms, optimisation of CIP routines, remote access and remote control
Ceramic Plate Membranes require toploading access for interventions. Therefore OilPaq height cannot exceed approximately 2.3m. While solution is linearly scalable, increasing flowrates, increases the footprint horizontally
Chemically Enhanced Backwash routine will require small amounts of chemicals, for consumables
Specification Title Specification Description
Extremely low operation costs: $ 0.07 to $ 0.25 per barrel of treated water.
Up to 99.9% removal efficiency of TSS, free and emulsified oils.
Areas of application
Produced Water Treatment for reinjection. Fracking Flow back and slop water deoiliing.
10 year guarantee on Ceramic Membrane Life.
Full integration to any DCS protocol and remote control, where IT policies permit.
<1mg/l TSS and <1ppm oil in water.
Proprietary software providing real time condition monitoring, health check, alarming and automation of routines.
Modular design
OilPaq comprise well known treatment and system modules into customized solutions to meet the specific project parameters.


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APATEQ engineers robust water treatment solutions for demanding applications. APATEQ solutions treat complex water sources which achieves environmental compliances and beneficial reuse specifications.

With decades of water treatment experience in multiple industry sectors, we combine chemistry knowledge, systems engineering and project experience to deliver innovative and award winning solutions.

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