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Satellite-based monitoring of energy grids

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November 8 2023

With the CoSMiC-EYE technology, energy grid operators can keep a continuous eye on their energy corridors. By using radar- and optical satellites, the energy corridor is monitored multiple times per week, and all detected activities, that could potentially be a threat to the energy grid, are presented in the CoSMiC-EYE activities.


Sustainable - zero emission and no risk on flight incidents
Reliable - radar satellites are weather- and daylight-independent
Priced competitively through a smart combination of open and commercial data
Easily scalable - technology can be applied worldwide for large energy grids
Frequent monitoring - satellites scan the energy corridor multiple times per week
CoSMiC-EYE replaces the widely adopted and accepted aerial monitoring methods
The provision of data from optical satellites is weather dependent, thus not always available


Areas of Application Gas | Oil pipeline | Water pipeline | Electricity grid.
Cloud platform Multiple device connectivity and data accessible from everywhere.
Compliance Widely accepted monitoring method.
Machine learning User input is used to further train the system to detect relevant events.
Software User friendly software available for desktop and mobile.
Safety Reduce incidents in the energy grid.

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Orbital Eye was founded in 2012 in Delft, The Netherlands by remote sensing and machine learning enthusiasts. Orbital Eye leverages its unique capabilities to provide earth observation-based services to keep assets, infrastructure and the environment safe, using both radar and optical satellite imagery. Orbital Eye can detect, analyse and report changes in your area of interest

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