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Eco-Friendly Corrosion Protection for Offshore Wind turbine foundations

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April 11 2024

The ICCP-POD combines two advanced technologies. The EnergyPod, developed by Amphibious Energy, is an easy-to-transport autonomous energy plant that uses sun, wind, batteries and intelligent electronics to provide sustainable energy during the 18-month construction of wind turbines, meaning that costly and environmentally unfriendly diesel generators are no longer required.

To protect against corrosion during this construction phase, CORROSION developed compact ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) units. By using an electronic current supplied by the ICCP-Pod, these represent an innovative eco-friendly alternative to sacrificial anodes, which discharge large quantities of metals and heavy metals into the water. When the wind turbines are installed and grid-connected, the energy supply for the ICCP system is switched from the ICCP-Pod to the wind turbine itself.

Pros & Limitations
Eco-friendly alternative to coatings on MonoPiles and Jackets
Modular: All-in-one plug and play combined power and ICCP unit
Pre-configured single lift unit
100% renewable power unit
Net-Zero carbon reduction unit
Remote Autonomous operational unit
Cuts OpEx costs: operates at half the cost of an equivalent diesel genset
Heavy: Weight = 6tons
Larger foot print size = 7,5m2 (10ft container)
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Offshore Wind Farms
Rated system size (kW)
Wind Turbine
Nautilus Offshore Wind Turbine (NOWT): 3 - 5kW PMG
9 x 550Wp PV panels
Unit capacity kWh (Battery storage)
Peak load capabilities (for short internvals)
Power Yield (net values) continuous load output
Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) is a corrosion protection system that consists of Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) coated titanium anodes connected to an external power source (The ICCP-POD).
Footprint and weight
7m2, ±6tons


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Amphibious Energy is a renewable energy company based in Delft, the Netherlands. We specialize in designing autonomous, 100% renewable energy power generators, that combine wind- and solar power with storage, in a compact and transportable manner. These first-of-its-kind electrical power generators- EnergyPods, are a sustainable, zero-emission alternative to diesel gensets, and offer affordable, reliable and modern energy.

Amphibious Energy support the following offshore industries off-grid load requirements:

  • Oil&Gas
  • Offshore Wind
  • Maritime
  • Aquaculture

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