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Non-Invasive Valve Leak Detection, Quantification & Trending

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February 22 2024

It is known that leaking valves represent a major environmental and safety risk and are a major source of lost profits. Find leaking valves quickly and easily with Score's MIDAS Meter® Acoustic Emission Leak Detector long before detection by conventional methods or instrumentation!

Completely portable and easy to use, the MIDAS Meter® uses an acoustic emission (AE) sensor which finds and quantifies through-valve leakages by examining the very high frequency noise a leaking fluid generates. This valve leak detection tool quickly finds leaking isolation valves, control valves, check valves, PSVs and steam taps, allowing  personnel to benchmark valve performance during commissioning or operations and provides data storage, analysis and reporting in the field, via an instrinsically safe certified smartphone.

This state of the art valve condition and performance solution takes you from reactive to proactive maintenance, by engaging in condition based monitoring and predictive maintenance activities. MIDAS Meter® valve leak detection equipment therefore helps focus budget expenditure and actions on valves where maximum operational benefits can be delivered.

Pros & Limitations
MIDAS Meter® delivers a proven valve monitoring technology, with a track record of over 20 years
MIDAS Meter is already being used by major companies in the oil & gas, petrochemical, utility, energy and process industries throughout the world.
Existing Customers Include : Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, PDO, Petronas, Aramco, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, KPO, NAM, Enbridge, Enquest, Ineos, Perenco, Total, Dow, Gassco, Lundin, Bapco, Qapco, CNRL, Valero, QGC, QP, Apache, BHP, Ithica, Px, Repsol, and many mor
Fast and easy to use, Immediate Performance Reporting
Non-Invasive Valve Condition and Performance Monitoring
Fully Portable and Intrinsically Safe Certified
Fully Digital Solution
Delivers Reduced Operating Costs, Maximised Profitability, Minimised Losses, Optimised Process Efficiency, Optimised Reliability and Uptime, with Minimised Safety and Environmental Risks
Also available on PDA
Needs contact with exterior of valve body (insulated valves require some consideration)
Specification Title Specification Description
Acoustic Emissions Survey Technique
Technology researched, designed and manufactured in-house by Score Group
Leak Rate Calculator
Algorithm used to convert from dB to leak rate is proprietary to Score Group
Risk Based Inspection Calculator
Intelligent Valve Management approach to risk management is derived from Score Group's long market experience and expertise in delivering valve management contracts
Suitable for use on all valve types that are designed for isolating fluids flow (Liquids, Gas or Steam Service)
Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly, PRV, PSV, Needle, Plug, Pinch, Diaphragm, Control, etc.


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Score Group is a specialist in valves, fuel systems & accessories and component manufacture, we provide complex engineering solutions to support customers in multiple markets including Defence, Nuclear, Aerospace, Utilities and Energy.  With facilities in over thirty locations spanning five continents, we employ more than 1,800 staff including 350 apprentices.

Now in our fifth decade, Score Group services have expanded to include engineering design, repair & modification, supply, testing, diagnostics and specialist coatings. Our multi-disciplined craftspeople and mobile workshops are in continual high demand to deliver onsite services including emissions surveys, machining, mechanical joint integrity, shutdown management, testing and repair.

We are proud to provide our customers with a fast service, whether it is a supply from our stock of over $200m of valves, actuators and turbine parts or whether it is the overhaul and test of an existing critical valve, we know how important it is for customers to minimise downtime and improve operating efficiency.

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