Power Management System

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A modular system configuration for more efficient and consistent energy supply

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October 31 2023

Available in a variety of configurations, the Power Management System (PMS) is designed to control and modulate the power supply, so you only use what you need, when you need it.

Once installed, it offers reduced energy costs, higher profit margins and, perhaps most importantly, improved sustainability.


Temporary supply of peak power without loading the energy sources
Temporary energy storage of surplus energy supply or return energy from the consumers
Temporary provide energy supply solely from the energy storage
Peak shaving and uninterruptable power supply
Emission reduction by reducing the need for fossil fuels
Open standard controls
Standard industrial components which are easy to repair and easy to replace
Compact and powerful solution, with high power density
This PMS is a tailored system, and thus needs a detailed discussion before a system design or configuration can be provided


Power On grid and off grid power supply solutions
Areas of Application Mobile Applications | Machinery Application | Engineering | Factory Automation
Sources Easy to switch to renewable energy sources due to power modulation
Scalability Modular and scalable platform can be configured to fit your needs

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