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Flywheel energy storage

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April 11 2024

Introducing the world’s most advanced Flywheel Energy Storage Solution. Developed by the Boeing Company. Brought to themarket by QuinteQ, made in the Netherlands.

QuinteQ is pushing the state-of-the-art by offering the only frictionless, no-wear, modular flywheel, which is containerized and easy to move around. Because of this, the QuinteQ Flywheel is unique in its unlimited cycles, low standby losses, high-efficiency, and low levelized cost of storage. This results in a fifteen-fold performance increase and cost reduction versus chemical batteries.

The QuinteQ Flywheel can function as the shock-absorber and peak-shaver for the energy systems as a whole, or it can be combined with other storage systems to increase their resilience and significantly extend their lifetime. 

Furthermore, we are expanding our offer through hybrid energy storage with energy trading options, allowing our flywheels to create an extra stream of revenue during downtime. 

Pros & Limitations
20-year design life
Unlimited up- and down cycling
No performance degradation
>94% round trip efficiency
Stand by losses < 0.1% per hour
Millisecond response time
3 cts/kWh cycle cost
Cost-effective mainly in situations where there are multiple (high) power peaks during the day.
Complex system difficult to explain to partners, clients or investors who are not well known in the topics of energy storage.
Specification Title Specification Description
Robust and safe. No ancillary systems.
IP Proteccion
Strong IP > 40 patent families and 200 international patents licensed from the Boeing Company.
Provides natural inertia and frequency regulation.
Capture and release of quick and high power peaks in industrial applications.
Areas of Application
Microgrid stabilisation and optimisation


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The world’s most advanced flywheel energy storage solution, developed by the Boeing Company in the US, brought to you by QuinteQ Energy B.V., made in Holland. QuinteQ solves lifetime, reliability and energy density challenges that are not solved by competitors and provides up to 15 times lower storage costs than alternatives. Very competitive in the $50B existing market for storage and will increasingly eat into the realm of intermediate and base load power production as renewable energy penetration increases.

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