Clearwell Electromagnetic Scale Prevention Tool

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Non-intrusive retrofittable electromagnetic scale control technology for oil and gas wells

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August 4 2023

ClearWELL is a method of scale control that requires no well intervention. A signal generation unit is connected to the flowline close to the wellhead, without any impact to well integrity. Radio frequency pulses are injected along the flowline and production tubing, inducing an oscillating electromagnetic field in the wellbore.


Chemical-free scale prevention control
Environmental friendly
Zero CAPEX & reduced OPEX
Easy and nonintrusive installation
Improves operational efficiency
Improves operational safety
24/7 Remote monitoring
Works on common water based scales only, i.e. Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Sulphate, Barium Sulphate, Strontium Sulphate and Halite


Asset Life Extension Flow assurance technology, which prevents scale buildup and hence enhance the well productivity.
CAPEX Zero CAPEX, Lower OPEX and hence Higher Return of Investment. Reduces direct and indirect man-hours and associated cost.
Safe Operating The techology’s Nonintrusive and Zero Well intervention nature, makes it extremely safe to install and operate.
Environment It is a Chemical Free and environment friendly solution. No need to worry about spillage and disposal.
Implementation time Quick installation, approx. 1-2 days for onshore and 2-3 days for offshore well.
Integrity The technology enhances asset integrity by reducing well intervention, production downtime, associated HSE risks and costs.
Versatility The device can be used to prevent scale at Downhole, Pipelines & Process Facilities in onshore and offshore locaitons with Naturally Flowing, Water Injectors or Disposals and Artificial Lifted Wells.
ATEX Certified The device is EX II 2G IIB T4 Gb IP66 certified.

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Resulting EMF induces mineral crystals to form and prevents them from sticking to the pipe wall, which discourages scale formation. Suspended crystals are flushed from the well with the fluid flow. It is highly effective in inhibiting the formation of mineral scale in oil and gas wells or in surface processing equipment.

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