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Innovative warning barricade and signage system

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August 4 2023

The Safety Snap System ® is a secure and safe mounting system for warning barriers and signage which are easily attached by snapping onto the handrail without the need to drill or screw into the rail, eliminating the need for tools and repair. The clip can be used many times over making repositioning of the barrier an easy and affordable, environmentally friendly solution.

Manufactured from high strength, impact resistant polycarbonate plastic, the clips are durable, UV resistant & extremely flexible.


Safe in emergency situations and evacuations
Easy to install and use
Environmentally friendly
Cost effective
Zero maintenance
Extremely robust & light
UV resistant
Custom ordering of systems and signange
Only available through our dealers


Areas of Application Any area where warning barricades and signage is utilized. Can be used in conjunction with our other products such as magnetic eyelets and stanchions.
Certifications / licences CE, RohS
Implementation time Extremely fast systems come with Q-links for adjustment of plastic chain length.
Maintenance No maintenance required.
Material PC Polycarbonate
Patents AUS PATENT # : 2017213478 IPA # : PCT/AU2018/000094
Pipe diameter From 30 mm to 80 mm.
Sizes 30 – 40 mm | 40 – 50 mm | 50 – 65 mm | 65 – 80 mm
Temperature -30°C to +70°C Flammability V0-V2 very good heat resistance.

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Safety Snap Systems Pty Ltd is a small but experienced group of individuals from the oil & gas, construction and manufacturing industries focussed on new innovations and ideas for the HS&E sector. After witnessing the many downfalls of personnel and asset safety concerning warning barricades and signage mounting options, we developed the Safety Snap System which answers virtually all the problems connected to maintaining a safe, cost effective, environmentally friendly warning barricade & signage system.

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