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Geospatial Analytics

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More frequent, low-cost and large area coverage

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March 14 2023

Using remotely sensed image and video data from satellite, drone, terrestrial and underwater platforms combined with the powerful deep learning, Mapizy makes sense of multi-source image data to detect pattern of changes, derive geospatial analytics and predict future events.


Low-cost and safer than traditional on-site data collection
Rapid and accurate change analytics
Large area coverage
Consistent and bias-free assessment of assets and activities
Easy integration into existing business processes and workflows
In some use cases, 5%, a quality check by a human operator is required.


Accuracy Surveying-grade accuracy geospatial analytics
Areas of Application Oil and gas, mining, infrastructure, construction, insurance, utility, defence, forestry, fishery and agriculture.
Capabilities Identification of asset integrity problems, satellite-based activity monitoring, oil inventory generation, change analytics in the built and natural environments, marine fauna quantification.
Certifications / licences Not applicable to our technology as we are only focused on image processing.
Compliance not applicable to our technology as we are only focused on image processing.
Repeatability Weekly asset and activity monitoring through satellite images.
Versatility Our machine learning solution can be easily customized to address specific industry needs.

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About Mapizy

Mapizy is a deep tech company focused on change detection through image data. Our mission is to quantify the changing planet and create advanced analytics for industry. Equipped with this new type of information, businesses can make better decisions and improve performance. We are a team of highly skilled AI engineers with a passion to make the world a better place through technology.

Mapizy supports the concept of Open Source Software. We will work with any enterprise to integrate our open-source computer vision solutions into its products and processes.

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