Real-Time Acoustic Sand Monitoring

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Non-intrusive instantaneous response to sand production 

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February 22 2024

Over time, sand will cause damage to plant and equipment on a platform, Left unchecked it can be responsible for loss of primary containment, creating the possibility of explosion and serious injury. In all cases, sand erosion results in loss of efficiency, downtime and reduced production.

Quickly identifying the presence of sand gives you the opportunity to adjust production, reduce maintenance and minimise potential equipment damage.

Accurate monitoring coupled with analysis and interpretation of the real time data means improved longevity of your assets and reduces costly repairs, replacement and downtime. Depending on the data output required we can also provide expert analysis to interpret the information provided.

We offer training, support and maintenance in the operation of monitoring systems and provide expertise to input the right set up information (flow, speed etc) to make sure the data you receive is correct and accurate.


Pros & Limitations
Increased Safety from early identification of sanding events
Mounted externally on a pipework  
Ideal Solution for HP/HT Applications 
Minimal maintenance required 
Custom configurations are available on request.
Solids monitoring only - can be combined with real-time Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Monitoring for complete flow assurance package
Specification Title Specification Description
Particle Detection Limit
15-25μm varies with flow regime, velocity, viscosity etc
grams/second (g/s)
Pipe Dimension
Flow Velocity
Min 1m/s for most flow regimes
+/- 5% (dependent)
Remote Monitoring
SMS engineers can monitor equipment remotely when required 
Data storage
Up to 9-90 days in flash memory 
Two wire RS485, Modbus RTU, baud rate configurable 


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SMS has proven a strong reputation for offering effective management and risk-mitigation strategies for its clients' operational and environmental risks. We provide Sand Management and Erosion-Corrosion products and services including: Acoustic Sand Monitoring, Sand Sampling, Erosion & Corrosion Probes, Real-Time UT Wall Thickness Systems, and Real-Time H2S & CO2 Monitoring Systems. 

Our team is fuelled to drive clients’ operational efficiency by offering a full spectrum of low carbon solutions and utilisation of our zero manpower capabilities that are proven to minimise carbon footprint and can help accelerate your path to net zero.

We have rapidly grown over the years and evolved with ground-breaking technologies and partnerships with several clients and industry players to drive your transition to a safer, more robust, resilient, cost-effective and sustainable asset life cycle.

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