H2S & CO2 Real-Time Gas Analyser

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Portable, modular multi-component gas analyser

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April 11 2024

Under dangerous atmospheres, manual collection of gas or liquid samples can lead to complicated scenarios that will impact personnel health and safety. The process is time-consuming as the samples will need to be sent to the lab before obtaining the concentration analysis data. With SMS real time H2S and CO2 gas analyser, the operators and well test engineers can gain data accurately, quickly and remotely in a much safer environment.

Pros & Limitations
Fully automated
Reduced safety risk from personnel exposure to toxins
Reduced environmental risk from zero emissions
Real-time reliable and repeatable data
Remote monitoring - save on manpower and bedspace, increased efficiency
Requires SMS Field technicians to install and commission
Specification Title Specification Description
H2S / CO2 measurement Range
1% - 100%
i-Butane / n-Butane / i-Pentane measurement range
1000ppm - 10%
Methane measurement range
2000ppm - 100%
Ethane / Propane measurement range
2000ppm - 25%
Accuracy - Methane (0 - 80%)
+/- 0.5%
Accuracy - Methane (80 - 100%)
+/- 0.2%
Accuracy Other Hydrocarbons
+/- 0.2%
Accuracy H2S
+/- 0.2% or 1% of reading (whatever is greater)
Accuracy CO2
+/- 0.2%


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SMS has proven a strong reputation for offering effective management and risk-mitigation strategies for its clients' operational and environmental risks. We provide Sand Management and Erosion-Corrosion products and services including: Acoustic Sand Monitoring, Sand Sampling, Erosion & Corrosion Probes, Real-Time UT Wall Thickness Systems, and Real-Time H2S & CO2 Monitoring Systems. 

Our team is fuelled to drive clients’ operational efficiency by offering a full spectrum of low carbon solutions and utilisation of our zero manpower capabilities that are proven to minimise carbon footprint and can help accelerate your path to net zero.

We have rapidly grown over the years and evolved with ground-breaking technologies and partnerships with several clients and industry players to drive your transition to a safer, more robust, resilient, cost-effective and sustainable asset life cycle.

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