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Portable cylinder for capturing and quantifying solids in both oil and gas flow streams

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April 11 2024

The sand sampling system is a portable cylinder for capturing and quantifying solids in both oil and gas flow streams. Effective sand sampling can contribute to flow assurance allowing increased production optimisation and the sample analysis can provide valuable data to enhance and prolong the reservoirs life cycle.

Flow Through System -Vent to atmosphere or vent line tie-in

Simple Flexible Hose Connections - Adaptors available to any sample point connection size

Interchangeable Mesh - Mesh sizes; 20, 50, 100, 500

Full Sampling Kit Supplied - Kit includes cylinder stand, hoses, fittings kit, scales, sample bottles and tool kit

SMS can supply complimentary services:

  • Onsite sieve analysis
  • Laboratory particle size analysis
  • Laboratory compositional analysis included IRF, SEM, Elementary Analysis
  • Dynamic Sand Management Strategy
Pros & Limitations
Physical Reservoir Solid Sample - samples can provide size and compositional analysis
Sand Quantification - enables quantification to be calculated
Production Optimisation - Aids in establishing sand production
Enhanced Sand Management Strategy - comprehensive sampling can create a dynamic sand management strategy
Requires trained SMS personnel to operate on location, or training provided
Specification Title Specification Description
Max working pressure
345 bar / 5000 psi
Max working temperature
150 Deg F / 65 Deg C
Cyclinder construction
Stainless Steel
Sample Cyclinder Volume
300 ccm
Net Weight
26.5 lbs
Mesh Sizes
20, 50, 100, 500 micron


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