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A Risk Based Inspection application to streamline and enhance our client’s risk based inspection processes and asset integrity strategies into a robust source of records and digital audit trails.

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August 4 2023

Imrandd's RBIQ application has been developed to streamline and enhance our client’s risk-based inspection processes and asset integrity strategies into a robust source of records and digital audit trails. Our solution ensures all pertinent supporting information, documentation and engineering decisions are captured digitally, then consolidated in an easy-to-use cloud-based interface. RBIQ identifies and controls the data management risks of open-source spreadsheets. 

RBIQ brings greater confidence in integrity decision-making, such as deferment, life extension or maintenance campaigns, which means improved integrity risk management, reduced costs and improved resource allocation.


Is an easy to use, cloud-based RBI application that can be configured to align with any corporate risk matrix.
Creates a live activity plan which is updated automatically, offering insight into ideal activity types, frequencies to manage threats.
Offers qualitative assessment, consistent between multiple systems and assets.
Simplifies interpreting, planning and prioritising future work, regardless of the size of the data sets involved.
Manages data from topside pressure systems pipework and vessels, subsea pipework and pipelines, topsides and subsea structures, floating marine structures.
It is a flexible application – your business has complete control of its data and can export it directly at any time.
RBIQ provides a simple, cost effective and easy to implement data management solution.
RBIQ focusses on a simple auditable system of RBI management that is adaptable to any scheme of asset management. Therefore, it intentionally does not include any inbuilt (e.g. API) calculations. This is to ensure the software is broadly applicable.


Areas of Application Oil and Gas, Renewables, Utilities, Petrochemical, Civil Infrastructure
Value RBIQ brings greater confidence in integrity decision-making, such as deferment, life extension or maintenance campaigns, which means improved integrity risk management, reduced costs and improved resource allocation.
Cloud-Based Platform The RBIQ system is a secure cloud-based software application built using the Model-view-viewmodel (MVVM) design pattern to deliver a browser-based application utilising many technologies.
Set Up RBIQ is normally hosted on the Imrandd server and run on behalf of the client. Each client has a distinct, secure and separate work area. As a cloud-based, multi-tenant application, setting up a new client is straightforward and carried out by Imrandd.
Implementing the Software RBIQ is configurable to the client organisation, based on their risk matrix, damage mechanisms, component groupings, server / security requirements, branding and more. Each company profile is specific to that client.
Licensing RBIQ licenses are bought at a company level, with subscription priced per asset. Each subscription can be scaled to accommodate any number of components and users.
Quality Control The RBIQ audit log records all changes made against a specific item / risk assessment. User permissions are allocated by the company and can be upgraded or downgraded by the master administrator.
Back Up and Restore Database server is backed up and can be restored to any point in the previous 35 days.
Input and Export of Data Your business has complete control of its data and can import and export it directly at any time.
Data Security Imrandd hold appropriate digital security protocols in place. We work closely with client digital security teams to ensure that these protocols have been assessed, audited and approved in instances that client data is hosted in an Imrandd ecosystem.
Support The Imrandd Service Level Agreement covers technical support and a package of training (initial familiarisation and top-up that a client can access). In addition to tech support for the software, engineering support is also available as an add-on.
User Capacity There is no limit on the number of users that a company can add; the RBIQ cloud server infrastructure can scale to accommodate 10,000s of users and the associated storage requirements.

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Asset Integrity, Asset Management, Engineering and Consultancy Services.

Imrandd was born from a desire to disrupt the way industry manages asset integrity, improving asset performance and profitability.

Frustrated with inspectors driving critical engineering decisions, and the common assumption that integrity management was based on carrying out as many inspections as possible. Imrandd was created to break the cycle and help asset owners manage integrity efforts from both a commercial and engineering perspective. 

Our team of subject matter experts and utilisation of our suite of software tools, Imrandd have been challenging the status quo and turning traditional integrity management on it's head. Using data to deliver the best outcomes. 

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