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Inspection data transformed - cleansed, digitised, trendable.

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September 19 2023

EXACT was forged in the fire of age-old inspection workflow inefficiencies, devised to deliver a faster, simpler and more cost-effective way of solving integrity management 
problems. It cleanses, corrects and interprets large data sets, then maps and predicts equipment degradation to deliver actionable insights, guaranteed to significantly reduce OPEX and improve asset integrity management and plant reliability. 

With EXACT, you have the power to transition from reactive to proactive, be more predictive and to use budgets more effectively; to accurately calculate the risk of degradation rather than act on the discovery of a problem.


Cleanses, corrects, normalises and identifies gaps in legacy inspection data.
Identifies correlations and trends in a cleansed data set.
Predicts equipment degradation, hot spots and potential failures.
Graphically represents inspection data and degradation patterns.
Identifies critical threats; determining threat levels per system and areas of over-inspection.
Calculates corrosion degradation rates and remnant life, providing granularity of corrosion rates and remaining life assessments from systems through to individual corrosion monitoring locations.
Requires data to be in a structured digitised format.


Areas of Application Oil and Gas, Renewables, Utilities, Petrochemical, Civil Infrastrcuture
Value With EXACT, you have the power to transition from reactive to proactive, be more predictive and to use budgets more effectively; to accurately calculate the risk of degradation rather than act on the discovery of a problem.
Cloud-based Platform EXACT is a cloud-based software platform using the model-view-viewmodel (MVVM) design pattern to deliver a web browser based application utilising many technologies.
Set Up As EXACT is a cloud based, multi-tenant application, setting up a new client is relatively straightforward and can be carried out by Imrandd.
Licensing EXACT licenses are ‘by company’ and subscription based. Each subscription can be scaled to accommodate any number of users.
Quality Control All Imrandd software and associated processes is created in line with ISO 9001.
Backup and Restore Database server is backed up and can be restored to any point in the previous 35 days.
Input & Export of Data Your business has complete control of its data and can import and export it directly at any time.
Data Security Imrandd hold appropriate digital security protocols, subject to client audit when client data is hosted in an Imrandd ecosystem.
Support EXACT is supported by expert business and project consultancy, as well as engineering support from technical experts in the software. Implementation, ‘normal running’ state and troubleshooting all form part of the available support for EXACT users.
Custom Build EXACT is customisable to the client organisation, based on server / security requirements, branding and more. Each company profile is specific to that client.
Data Analytics By cleansing, verifying and analysing inspection data, EXACT brings better understanding of asset degradation patterns.
Machine Learning Identifying potential failures before they occur and supporting efficient prioritisation of IMR activity.
Transparency Outputs of EXACT provide an auditable trail which can be used to extend inspection frequency.

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Asset Integrity, Asset Management, Engineering and Consultancy Services.

Imrandd was born from a desire to disrupt the way industry manages asset integrity, improving asset performance and profitability.

Frustrated with inspectors driving critical engineering decisions, and the common assumption that integrity management was based on carrying out as many inspections as possible. Imrandd was created to break the cycle and help asset owners manage integrity efforts from both a commercial and engineering perspective. 

Our team of subject matter experts and utilisation of our suite of software tools, Imrandd have been challenging the status quo and turning traditional integrity management on it's head. Using data to deliver the best outcomes. 

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