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Unlock the value and identify actionable insights from your existing data - used across a range of industries such as energy, renewables, utilities and more.

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April 11 2024

Imrandd's EXTRACT solution ingest and distils disparately stored, effectively inaccessible data, then digitises and consolidates it into one centralised database ready for analysis. 

A combination of techniques, including the most recent advances in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and computer vision, enables vast volumes of data to be processed rapidly. Our operators can take any volume of data and unlock the value it holds with a cost-effective, automated, best-in-class solution. 

EXTRACT can automate data entries from reports, then create data sets that go as far back as your records do. It's also extremely fast, delivering results that are impossible to achieve manually in the same time-frame.

Pros & Limitations
Pulls data from multiformat sources and from different report types.
Allows validation of the extracted data within the tool, quickly and efficiently, providing high confidence in the digitised data.
Produces rapid results - automated extraction techniques enable the extraction of large data sets within days rather than months.
Works with integrity reports, isometrics and more.
Can integrate with your integrity cycle.
Identification of data in RAW photographic images, as well as inspection types such as ECI, RAD is not effective.
Severely compromised documentation such as damaged, distorted copies can result in reduced algorithm "hit rate" and can increase requirement for second pass, or reliance on manual quality control.
Our Expertise
Expertise Title Expertise Description
Data Management
Specification Title Specification Description
Areas of Application
Industries with process, plant and equipment.
Creating a complete dataset as far back as there is documentation. Unlocking valuable information held within inaccessible datasets, providing a robust starting point for predictive modelling and decision-making.
Cloud-based Platform
The EXTRACT system is a secure cloud-based software platform built using the Model-view-view model (MVVM) design pattern to deliver a browser-based application utilising many technologies.
Set Up
EXTRACT is normally run from the Imrandd server on behalf of the client. Each client has a distinct, secure and separate work area. As a cloud-based, multi-tenant application, setting up a new client is straightforward and carried out by Imrandd.
EXTRACT licenses are "by the company" and subscription based. Each subscription can be scaled to accommodate any number of components and users.
Quality Control
User has the capability to manually validate and QC the data that has been uploaded / imported data within the tool.
Backup and Restore
Database server is backed up and can be restored to any point in the previous 35 days.
Input and Export of Data
Your business has complete control of its data and can import and export it directly at any time. Exports of results and of the file register can be actioned by the user at any time.
Deployment / Speed
Produces rapid results - automated extraction techniques enable the extrication of large data sets within days rather than months.
Data Security
Imrandd hold appropriate digital security protocols in place, subject to client audit when client data is hosted in an Imrandd ecosystem.
The Imrandd Service Level Agreement (SLA) covers technical support and a package of training (initial familiarisation and top-up that a client can access).
Next Steps
The data output from EXTRACT can be fed into an IDMS, data lake, or run through analytics software such as Imrandd's EXACT to build a clear picture of an asset's condition.


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Asset Integrity, Asset Management, Engineering and Consultancy Services.

Imrandd was born from a desire to disrupt the way industry manages asset integrity, improving asset performance and profitability.

Frustrated with inspectors driving critical engineering decisions, and the common assumption that integrity management was based on carrying out as many inspections as possible. Imrandd was created to break the cycle and help asset owners manage integrity efforts from both a commercial and engineering perspective. 

Our team of subject matter experts and utilisation of our suite of software tools, Imrandd have been challenging the status quo and turning traditional integrity management on it's head. Using data to deliver the best outcomes. 

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