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FloatCHECKER PT Test Pod

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Pre-Use Testing of Float Equipment

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Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 08:36

The FloatCHECKER PT Test Pod is a patented device that enables pre-use full pressure and load testing of oil and gas well primary cementing float equipment (float shoes, float collars, reamer shoes). It can test loose items with or without threads cut and items that have already been made up to the bottom of joints of casing. It can test new items to prove no manufacturing faults or older items to prove no storage/age deterioration.


Can test float shoes, collars or reamer shoes
Can test loose threaded or unthreaded items
Can test items already on the bottom of joints of casing
Test new items to prove no manufacturing faults
Test older items to prove no age deterioration
Test with water ideally or substitute water based mud or actual drilling mud
Only available for up to 20" float equipment


Areas of Application Oil and gas well primary cementing float equipment.
Sizes Float shoes, collars, reamer shoes up to 20” casing sizes.
Maintenance Low cost maintenance.
Patents Patents granted in UK, USA and Malaysia.
Pressure Up to 5000psi test capability as standard.
Safety Easy and safe to use with built in safety rupture disc.
Capabilities Float shoes, float collars & reamer shoes.

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