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Off-line High Pressure Testing of Drill String Well Control Valves

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April 11 2024

The Sudelac SubCHECKER™ PT is a versatile pressure testing stand to pre-use test many types and sizes of drill-string pressure control subs, (Safety Valves, IBOP’s, Gray Valves, Kelly Cocks etc.). The SubCHECKER™ PT Test Stand allows safe and efficient off-line high pressure testing of subs to take place saving valuable rig time and providing pre-use assurance of drill-string components. Importantly no high torque make-up is necessary and only a chain-tong or strap wrench is required to make-up and break-out the subs being tested.
The SubCHECKER™ PT is self-contained, free-standing, portable and should be used in a designated area suitable for high pressure testing. The operator can connect suitable high-pressure iron (chicksans) directly to the stand from a permanent high-pressure pumping unit or a flexible HP hose and air operated pressure testing pump skid. Each different size and type of drill string connection on well control valves is accommodated by a dedicated Adapter Sub. The Adapter Subs are usually box up to accept the pin on the valves, but pin up Adapter Subs for IBOP’s can also be provided.

The SubCHECKER™ PT is easy to use and maintain with only low cost consumables being required. The stand is suitable to use on Offshore or Onshore Rigs, in maintenance workshops or remote locations to support nearby rig operations. 

Pressure test the closed or shut-off feature of the sub with the stand and with the addition of a test cap the integrity of the whole sub mandrel or housing can also be assured.

Saves Time, Improves Safety, and Reduces Cost and Risk in Well Operations

Pros & Limitations
Allows Off-Line High Pressure Testing of Drill String Well Control Valves
Enhances Safety by Removing Testing Activity from the Rig Red Zone
Saves Rig Time thus reducing Emissions
Saves Rig Time thus reducing Cost
Only Requires Hand Tools to Operate
Reduces Wear and Tear on Drill String Well Control Valves
Only available as a sales item
Specification Title Specification Description
Safe Working Pressure
SWP 15,000psi (1035bar)
Operating Temperature
Range 5-70C (40-158F_
System Weight
250KG (550lbs) Gross Weight
Safety Feature Rating
Fitted with 21,000psi (1448bar) Safety Overpressure Rupture Disc


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A UK headquartered upstream oil and gas service sector business providing products and services for well construction through to abandonment. Sudelac was founded in 2010.

The company offers a number of services on a consultative basis and can assist or fully manage new product development, early commercialisation/ product growth, as well as Equipment Assurance Services (Third Party Inspection and Failure Investigation). In addition the company offers surplus oil-field equipment brokerage services to help connect sellers to buyers on a commissioned basis.

Providing Fuel Additives and Eco-Friendly Lubricants that Reduce Emissions, Increase Efficiency and Lower Operating-Maintenance Costs.

In response to the drive to reduce the impact of combustion engine emissions and to improve fuel efficency as we move towards net-zero and the energy transition we have established a relationship that allows us to offer products to help achieve this.


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